Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December oh December!

The princess in all her jewels with chocolate on her face playing spiderman!

Santa brought Maddie (or mom) Connect 4!

Spiderman Costume thanks to Auntie Shannon and Uncle Adam!

Chance trying to figure out how to work the webs

Surprise 30th birthday party

This December has brought gifts a plenty! And my big 3-0 birthday... Where my husband and my friends surprised me with the best dang party! Not to mention my dad and prego sister flew in for the festivities. :) It was an absolute blast. I'm completely shocked that everyone was able to pull it off... Joe only had to sleep on the couch once. (He made up a pretty absurd lie to cover his tracks!) :) All in all 30 isn't feeling so bad... Just noticed a few more wrinkles in my hands.

Christmas is always my favorite time of the year... all the decorations, yummy food, presents, Santa, and family. This year with Madelyn really understanding it was an absolute blast. Pretty sure that Santa spoiled her a little more than he should have. She actually got tired of opening gifts! Mimi, Uncle B and Chance all drove up to spend the holidays with us... always sad to see them go! But fun to have them here.

Now on to 2011!!! Hoping this year will be full of wonderful surprises!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mission completed!

Halloween was a success! Maddie absolutely loved it. She went to every door... that wasn't too scary! If there was a witch or smoke or any scary music she opted for the next house instead. It was cute. There was a guy sitting on his porch totally dressed up... I said come on maddie let's go trick or treat. She said, "No... too scary!" So the nice man took off his mask and brought her some candy at the end of his driveway. :)

But other than that she said "trick or treat" at every house... followed by a Thank you! She was sooo excited... grinning from ear to ear. She was so cute and polite that people were giving her extra candy. So her bucket was full after 40 minutes. Then we went home and she ate A LOT of candy... and had her very own dance party... She finally conked out after some kicking and screaming. But all in all this year was much more fun than last year!

Joe and I went to a Halloween party too... I was all sorts of 80's sexy. Didn't get a good body shot but the lace leggings and black poofy skirt was totally awesome! Joe was an indian, but was often called a hippie or Pocahontas. :) He dyed his beard black but he wasn't very careful and he got the skin around his beard black too. So now he can't even shave it or he will have a painted on beard.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall to winter already?

Geez... I feel like fall was here for such a short time! Now all the sudden snow. Not sure how I feel about that yet... Maddie on the other hand LOVES it. She likes to walk around and crunch in it. This year is going to be so much more fun with her... actually taking her out in the snow... sledding and playing.

Last weekend we went out to the good ole pumpkin patch. It was a nice crisp day ... and our mission was accomplished. We pet lots of animals, played in the hay, ate kettle corn, picked out 3 perfect pumpkins and got our annual Fall family picture. :)

Seriously where is the time going? It's already time to get ready for the holidays! Oh Yeah and Uncle B (brent) is heading back to so cal to continue on his journey to teaching. Going to miss him TONS! But happy for him that he has a plan. Good Luck Uncle B!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

End of Summer

I know... I know...
Long time since I blogged! But I still am grieving the last days of summer. :) So since July we have had numerous house guests (which I LOVE) my family, Joes Family, friends from Cali... We tried to take the jet skiis to the lake quite a bit... which was great when they were both running at the same time. :) Unfortunately, they have been at Pro Caliber a lot this summer. Guess that's what happens when you have water craft. Anyhow, had a blast during the painfully short summer. The weather didn't turn really warm till well into July and then ended abruptly at the end of August. Bummer~ But on to fall festivities.

For Joe's big 3-0 we took a trip down to the bay area where his mom and sisters had an awesome BBQ for him and then Joe and I went to the 49er game. Monday night vs. the Super bowl Champs... New Orleans Saints. IT was a fun game to be at... Jerry Rice's jersey was retired and all the greats joe montana, steve young, coach mariucci, among others. It was a real nail bitter. Poor joe and his 49ers aren't doing so hot... but hey the KC Chiefs are 3-1. Who would have thunk it?

We also took Maddie to the ranch again... for her second time. It was hilarious because Harry said... "we need to keep the door shut to keep the snakes out" and Maddie all weekend kept saying the snakes are coming... the snakes are coming! But she kept the door shut! :) She had a blast... loved the horses and especially LOVED the ATV's... couldn't keep her off of them.

Now that it's officially fall... the weather has gotten colder which is sad... but Football Sundays have started which is FANTASTIC... Love snuggling up with my family eating all day and staying in our PJ's. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fair Fun!

Pig Ear!
Maddie has no fear
Love these two!
Family Fun at the Fair!

I have to admit that I have been the worst mom lately. I haven't brought the camera out in many of outings... I guess we are just so busy I forget to take pics. :) Doing a lot of pool days, lake trips with the jet skiis, family visiting, and birthday parties~ Gotta love Bend Summer!
Luckily Meghan had taken some pictures of us at the fair this year. It was a lot of fun... well except for the part where my child ran away from me and I had to spank her in front of lots of people. But other than that... We had a good time and even got to hear STYX do their sound-check before the concert... pretty cool.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm so happy to report that summer is FINALLY here... With several days in a row well into the 80's and 90's it's official. I heard a funny quote the other day... Bend has 10 months of winter and 2 months of house-guests. Thought that was funny. On that note my mom and younger siblings will be here for a week starting this monday- very excited to have everyone here. :)
We also took our first professional family photos... thanks Meghan for let me borrow your friend when she was here to visit.
Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2nd Birthday, Cali Trip, grad parties, and big girl beds!

Wow as I'm sitting down to write this I think that a lot has happened in the last month. :)
Starting with Maddies 2nd birthday bash! We had 10 kids come to a local gymnastic center with cupcakes and balloons. Maddie really was bell of the ball... she had a blast being the center of attention... not sure where she gets that from. :) Thank you to everyone of our friends and family that came to celebrate with us. (thank you cards will eventually make it in the mail)
Then we headed down to Southern California to visit family and go to graduation parties for my brother Brent (my new roommate/manny) who graduated from Providence College with his masters degree and my little sister Cortney who graduated from High School. I'm very proud of both of you and I know that you will be very successful in all of your future endeavors!
All in all it was a blast... It was a very busy trip...with little to no down time and the 16 hour drive was really not fun with a 2 year old.
Now we are home and have headed into a new phase... for the last 3 days Maddie has refused to sleep in her own bed. Joe has been in Portland so I have given in and allowed her to sleep with me... But come Friday night it's going to be a fight that I'm sure will last all night long with the strong willed Madelyn Sue. I have even changed her bed from the crib to a toddler bed- thought that would make her excited... Not quite. She is in my bed watching toons as I type. Yes I know it's 10:30 for all you moms judging me!

Maddie in her Mrs. Potato head glasses and pretty jewelry
Maddie and Hunter (Jeremy friend from High Schools son)
Me and Kim... Brents girlfriend... Some day sister-in-law
Maddie holding Joe's bud... Pretty sure I have the same photo from my childhood
Brent and Maddie playing. She loves her "B"
Fascinated with the fountain... So cute
The princess at her birthday party
Bell of the Ball