Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December oh December!

The princess in all her jewels with chocolate on her face playing spiderman!

Santa brought Maddie (or mom) Connect 4!

Spiderman Costume thanks to Auntie Shannon and Uncle Adam!

Chance trying to figure out how to work the webs

Surprise 30th birthday party

This December has brought gifts a plenty! And my big 3-0 birthday... Where my husband and my friends surprised me with the best dang party! Not to mention my dad and prego sister flew in for the festivities. :) It was an absolute blast. I'm completely shocked that everyone was able to pull it off... Joe only had to sleep on the couch once. (He made up a pretty absurd lie to cover his tracks!) :) All in all 30 isn't feeling so bad... Just noticed a few more wrinkles in my hands.

Christmas is always my favorite time of the year... all the decorations, yummy food, presents, Santa, and family. This year with Madelyn really understanding it was an absolute blast. Pretty sure that Santa spoiled her a little more than he should have. She actually got tired of opening gifts! Mimi, Uncle B and Chance all drove up to spend the holidays with us... always sad to see them go! But fun to have them here.

Now on to 2011!!! Hoping this year will be full of wonderful surprises!

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